Page with Sidebar

Ok, so this is the page with the sidebar. Any time you want to create a page and bring the footer content up top, this is your template. I did however, add a neat responsive feature to help a little bit. Once we got down into phone territory–the sidebar got way to smashed, so at 50em’s it switches back down to the bottom, but retains the same styling as in the sidebar to make it consistent, easily touchable (with fingers), and limit the queries made by the server.


The way that the guy has it set up–the theme page (full width w/ footer) is actually the only template he has in his theme. So to select the original template page, just make sure and select ‘default template’ when publishing your page, as he has no template name.


I took out the financing available widget, cause I didn’t see anything about it in the specs–but I can easily add that back in if you’d like.